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Locking Hubs

Locking hub exploded diagrams to help you with reassembly or identification

Borg Warner Auto Hubs

Borg Warner Auto Locking Hub,  found on all types of trucks and vans with Dana 44 or GM 10 bolt axle.  If you have one of these and it’s not working. Try soaking the hub in a  can of ATF (automatic tranny fluid) for a few days. The ATF will soften  up and the hard grease and crud and cause it to fall off. Then set the  hubs aside and let the drip out. Only apply grease to the splines on the clutch housing.

bw fulltime hub

Manual hubs: Pathfinder Equipment Co., Dual-a-matic, Selectro.

External and internal hub style  found on many Pathfinder vans. There have been a number of manufacturers of this type of hub, with minor changes in design depending who was  building it. Easy to take apart and reassemble. There is one universal  rule to obey when disassembling this hub. There is a group of three  screws that attaches the cap to the body of the hub. There is also a set a three screws with tamper proof heads that hold the cam in place. If  you take these out, make sure you line up the holes in the cap with  those in the cam. If you don’t, you will shatter the cam when you  tighten the screws and your hub will be no better than a paper weight  for your desk. Cams are hard to find, so be careful.


dualmatic hub

External mount style shown

Spicer Big Hub, external mounted locking hub

Spicer big hub axles are found on early Ford Quadravans and GM K-vans with Dana 44 front axles

Spicer Internal type locking hub

Found on many Ford Quadravan, GM K-van and 1985 & up Dodge Vancharger 4x4 van conversions with Dana 44 front axles

spicer44 hub box

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